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How to do a DEMO

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How to do a DEMO

Post  Foxxi* on Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:50 pm

there is no other software needed...

you just have to type in the console to start demoing:

to stop the demo type in the console:

after that you can find your recorded demos und the point "Demos" in the main menu

to watch a demo select it and watch it.

if you want to make a video, you have to do something else before watching.
/com_cameramode 1

before starting to watch the demo

when watching the demo to start a video:

to stop the video:


(the console can be opened with shift+esc)

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another way if you are on a mac

Post  eliiii on Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:48 am

another way to do it, if you are on a mac is through quicktime.
open quicktime, (leapord and higher)
click file=>new screen recording
then, click the big red ball that pops up. then select the whole screen, if you play full screen, or part of the screen, if you played in windowed mode, like me.
then, after you have the demo, save it to your desktop, by pressing command-s.
this should save it in a .mov format, which is easily uploaded to many sights.
this method also allows you to create one outside of the game, so the allocation of memory used for the game is not affected, because you are recording through quicktime.



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Re: How to do a DEMO

Post  DeathAngel on Thu Apr 07, 2011 8:38 pm

Here is a simple script to toggle on/off making a demo... Just add it to the autoexec.cfg and change the key to bind it with to your liking (I've got it binded to the "m" key):

//=========== Demo Record Toggle ====================================================

seta record_demo_start "set record_demo vstr record_demo_stop; stoprecord; recorddemo; wait 15; ut_echo ^1Demo Status: RECORDING"

seta record_demo_stop "set record_demo vstr record_demo_start; stoprecord; wait 15; ut_echo ^1Demo Status: STOPPED"

seta record_demo "vstr record_demo_start"

bind m "vstr record_demo"
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Re: How to do a DEMO

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