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Post  Foxxi* on Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:56 am

EVERY member of the Frag To Win Clan has to follow these RULES, if not the member will get punishments, up to get thrown out of the clan.

§1. Clan Tag, Aliases:

§1.1 Be proud of your Clan tag (/fTw/ or /fTw-R/). If you remove this tag, you cannot be recognized as a fTw-Clan-Member, so you will be threatened like a usual player. Also you cannot be found in the player-search in UrT. So wear it every time.

You should not have any aliases. If you want to, have at least a passport account and have your aliases registered there. Otherwise you can be kicked/banned/whatever if you play under an alias with the /fTw/-tag. When you join the clan, post in the introduction forum under which aliases you are playing, so you can be recognized.

§2. Behavior in the clan:

§2.1 Be courteous to other clan members, likewise be helpful to non-clan members. Do not insult ANY player with racist, sexist and other hurtful names.

§2.2 Help to create a cool and funny fTw-Brotherhood,

§2.3 that means to be active in the forum, and on our servers. (otherwise you will be ranked down to Forum member)

§2.4 Respect higher ranked members, their words are weighted more than yours.

§2.5 If you know of an upcoming inactivity period of yours, just pm to an admin or clan leader.

§2.6 We do NOT clan stack on other public servers. So we don't jump on each other to build tower and also we split evenly on the teams.

§3. Hacking/Cheating

§3.1 Hacking/Cheating/every helping tool, which is not legal to have in leagues, are illegal in our clan.

§3.2 Also Spawn(killing/camping/rushing) is NOT allowed.

§3.3 Glitching is also not allowed.

§3.4 If you spot a cheater/hacker report it to us, so we can ban him.

§3.5 To report a hacker, post a demo in the forum, so we can review it.

§4. Communications
§4.1 You have to have Skype and TeamSpeak3.

§4.2 Also you should have ICQ, MSN, XFire.

§4.3 Be active in the forum (as mentioned above).

§4.4 You are only allowed to speak English, if you are an admin here so everybody can understand

§5. Look of members

§5.1 Every clan member has only one Clan tag.

§5.1.1 Normal members, Admins, etc. : /fTw/ NICKNAME

§5.1.2 Recruits: /fTw-R/ NICKNAME

§5.2 Costumes, masksand custom colors are allowed, like every other funstuff.

§6. Getting into our clan

§6.1 Be active on our servers, or the servers we are usually playing on.

§6.2 Get to know our clan, and most important: Register here on our forum.

§6.3 Fill out the Application here. If we want you in the clan, we will pm you here in the forum.

§6.4 Accomplish our rules, if you don't follow them, you can't become a member of
the clan.

§6.4 Be good enough to join, you should have at least the same level as the other members, if you have a negative score forget about joining here.

§6.5 Get spectated by /fTw/Foxxi*, he is currently our recruiter.

§6.6 Wear our tag only if given the permission by /fTw/Foxxi*, (or maybe another clan leader)

$6.6.1 Once you joined clan, your first rank will be Recruit ("/fTw-R/" = tag), always. Be active in forum and a good player to get ranked up (be patient!!!)

§6.7 Additions:
§6.7.1 Speak at least a bit of english.
§6.7.2 Have some experience in the game (you should at least to be able to give medic to another player -.-)
§6.7.3 Don't be too nooby in what you say. Don't try to speak as you were an admin if you are not. Don't annoy other players.

§7. We do not clan stack, meaning we do not gang up on players in a public servers. we evenly or fairly split up.

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Post  Foxxi* on Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:02 am

You want to be fTw-member, but dont know how????
Follow these few steps:

1) Register on
2) Play online, get to know our members and be a part of the forum
3) Have certain skill, we search at least mid-skilled members
4) Be respectful, friendly and help other players on server
5) You should have XFire, Msn, Skype or ICQ to communicate with us (Skype is most important)
6) Get spectated by an Admin or Clan Founder, who might give you the honor of wearing our tag
7) Identify with the clan and keep the servers free from hackers, cheaters, etc.

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